Bittersweet Bake Shoppe
Our bread is baked fresh with the finest ingredients money can buy. Order yours today. Here's a list of the types of bread we bake:          

Pumpernickel    White    Beer bread    Corn bread    Irish Soda bread
 Annadamma     Rye        Cheddar Garlic biscuits    Sweet potato biscuits
Frech or Italian (includes Poppy, Sesame, Onion, or Twisted)
The Bittersweet Bake Shoppe opened in 2005 with the mission of providing our customers with the best in quality baked goods. The small batch bakery uses the finest ingredients. We specialize in fresh cookies, cakes, breads, and more.

Lynne Donnelly : Baker & Owner

Dessert Breads

Banana Nut, Pistachio, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Spice, Triple berry, and Apple cinnamon


We use the freshest ingredients to create luscious cupcakes from scratch every day. Our delectably smooth buttercream icings are the finishing touch on our wide variety of tantalizing flavors, which are perfect for a birthday, bridal or baby shower, corporate event or any type of gathering.


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9 Kendall Rd.(Rt 113)







Baked Goods

There is simply no substitute for breads, cakes, cookies or pies made with the real stuff. Take cookies for example: the difference between cookies made with fresh butter and pastured eggs and cookies made with hydrogenated fats and fake flavorings is abysmal! Pies and cobblers made by artisanal bakeries using organic locally grown fruits will leave anything from the supermarket in the dust.   

             TUESDAY-FRIDAY     9-5

HOURS:          SATURDAY     9-4

               SUNDAY   12-5

Or take breads - it's easy to tell the difference between a "commercial" loaf or one made in a small local bakery. flours, fresh herbs, olive oil, grains, nuts or raisins. The quality and flavor of baked goodies found in farmer's markets and small bakeries is impossible reproduce on a large scale, no matter how cute and "country-like" the presentation is.